Like all parishes, St John’s Parish depends on contributions from our parishioners to maintain parish property and meet everyday expenses, including the payment of personnel.

The proceeds of the weekly envelope collection go exclusively towards the running costs of the parish.

The offertory collection at weekend masses and the four annual collections in October, November, Christmas and March go to pay the salaries of the priests and our obligations towards the Bishop’s salary.

The second collection at masses goes towards the running costs of the diocese, except when it is replaced by the monthly St Vincent DePaul collection and other occasional annual collections, e.g., Lenten Alms, Mission Sunday collection, etc.
In order that we meet our ongoing financial obligations – maintenance, insurance, etc. – and further develop our network of services, we need a regular financial commitment from our parishioners. So, we appeal to all members of our community to play their part in this area.

Our Parish Finance Committee assists The Parish Pastoral Council in all matters relating to finance and management. It is made up of the priests of the parish, together with men and women drawn from a cross section of the parish who have a wide range of experience in the area of finance.