Our Parish & Location

St John's Catholic Parish, Kilkenny,
is one of the forty two parishes of the Diocese of Ossory.

It consists of a city area and two rural areas, Dunmore and Johnswell, each with its own church.

The main church, St John’s, is situated opposite MacDonagh Shopping Centre and the Railway Station on the Dublin Road (N77).




Ossory Vocatios
Promotion # 35

“Ask and you shall receive: seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be
opened to you.” 
Believe and act on
Jesus’ promise. 
Pray for wisdom
to discern God’s will.

If you think God is calling you to priesthood, call Fr. Willie Purcell Ossory Vocations Director. 056 7770261 or email ossoryvocdir@gmail.com. 

At a recent conference of Vocations Directors in Dublin Bishop Denis Brennan said that fostering Vocations is the task of some and the responsibility of all.  The Vocation Crisis of those called is also a crisis, today, of those calling.  If no one calls, how can anyone respond?

Statement of the
Summer 2016

General Meeting of the
Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Topics covered:

  • Supporting persecuted Christians, refugees and migrants
  • Vocations
  • Appointment of Secretary General to the World Meeting of Families in Ireland
  • Publication of Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia ‘The Joy of Love’
  • Bishops to undertake their ‘Ad Limina’ visit to Pope Francis in January 2017
  • World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland, in July
  • Centenary of Cumann na Sagart
  • Trócaire
  • Irish Church Music Association Summer School
  • Ukraine collection
  • Michael Keane RIP

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Trust in prayer

We often pray to St Anthony and find what we were looking for. We can’t understand why but it brings up the question of praying for what we want and need. People pray hard for an intention; some pray for ages and are answered, some are not.
We often pray for what may be outside God’s control: that someone may give up drink, when the person may not want to; that children will be kept safe on the roads, but they are killed or injured with the careless and dangerous driving of someone else, maybe under addictive influence.
We are encouraged always to pray with hope and persistence, believing that we always get something. In the asking is the receiving, and we never leave prayer worse off than when we began.
For any time we give to prayer, we get something. We are transformed. We may not get the specific intention but we always get the Holy Spirit. We never leave prayer the poorer than when we began. In the knocking at the door itself something is opened. In asking and seeking we get something. The first gift of prayer is the love of God. Other gifts follow. We pray for what we need and then leave the prayer with God, to be answered as he can.

Cake Sale

A cake sale in aid of the Children of Calcutta will take place after all masses next week in the Day Centre.

Rathcoole Cemetery Mass

Rathcoole Cemetery Mass will take place next Friday at 7.30pm.  Rathcoole is situated on the Sandfordscourt Road, Johnswell.

Foulkstown Cemetery Mass

Foulkstown Cemetery Mass will take place next, Thursday, 28th at 7.30pm

Marian Movement of Priests

A meeting of the Marian Movement of Priests will take place next Monday 25th July at 7.30pm in St Joseph’s Mill Hill on the Waterford Road.  Mass, Rosary and Holy Hour. All are welcome.

Finance Committee

A meeting of the Finance committee will take place next Thursday in the Presbytery at 7.30pm.  All members are requested to attend.

Newpark 60th Anniversary Reunion

The 60th Anniversary Reunion of Newpark (1956) will take place in O’Loughlin Gaels GAA Club on Friday 9th September. It will commence with a Remembrance Mass for all the deceased residents at 7.30pm at the Clubhouse Pavilion, followed by a buffet meal and music. An exhibition of old photographs will be mounted for viewing. 
Tickets €20 all-inclusive: buffet; music, History & Life commemorative Booklet. 
Tickets available from:
Mary (McCormack) Molloy 086 829 1198 or Ann (Hickey) Murphy 086 308 3054.  Please advise family members of event details.

Home Rule Club

Country music night in the featuring The TR Dallas show takes place next Monday at 9pm tickets are €10 for more information contact
Joseph 087 463 9614.

Arthritis Ireland

Arthritis Ireland are seeking volunteers in the Kilkenny area, to help run
activities for all age groups with arthritis or fibromyalgia. You do not
need to have arthritis or fibromyalgia to be a volunteer. If you think you
have the skills and free time necessary for such an initiative, please
contact 086 2346491.

Greyhound Racing
Friday, August 12th

Cathedral Restoration Race Night
at Kilkenny Greyhound Track on
Friday, August 12th at 8pm.

Tickets on sale after all masses this weekend (€10_
Your admission ticket will include entry to this major Cathedral Restoration Fund-Raising Event AS WELL AS entry to a Bonus Raffle – which includes:
Two nights B&B and Evening Meal for Two at any Irish Clarion Hotel;
Two All-Ireland Hurling Final Tickets.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral Restoration Draw

The 5th of the Diocesan Monthly Draws in aid of St. Mary's Cathedral Restoration Fund will take place on Wednesday, 27th July in the Chapter Room. Subscribers and Promoters very welcome. €10 per month.
Tickets are available locally at the Parish Office; the Sacristy; or from:  
Ann Brennan; Aine Butler; Jane Dineen; Marian Eardly; Fr Brian Griffin; Margaret Hanlon; John Lennon; Jody Murphy; Veronica McGuane;
Paul McKiernan; Linda Nolan; Fr Seán O’Connor; Irene Purcell; Brian Roche; Peggy Wall; Eddie Langton.

A Mathematical Conundrum – 1,000 Years Ago

A father dies leaving instructions that his 17 camels are to be split up between his 3 sons as follows -
> half the camels are to go to the eldest son
> a third of the camels are to go to the middle son
> and a ninth of the camels are to go to the youngest son

Failing to think of a way of carrying out their father's wishes, they decided to seek help. So they sent a message across the desert to their uncle, who though poor was considered to be wise.
A month later, up rode their uncle on his grotty old camel. After he'd had a rest and something to eat, they explained their problem to him.
"Tell you what", he said, "I'll lend you my camel, then you'll have 18, and you should be able to divide them up without difficulty."
So the eldest son chose his 9 camels from the flock, the middle son chose his 6 camels, and the youngest son chose his 2 camels. Uncle then got back on his camel (which no-one had chosen because it was old and grotty) and rode back home across the desert (no doubt muttering to himself about the failings of the younger generation).
One thousand years later, such mathematical conundrums can still arise in certain parishes for certain people to wrestle with – not with camels this time, but with certain liturgical rotas!
Oh how wonderful ‘twould be to have that poor but wise uncle who might sweep in from the desert on his camel to solve conundrums of honourable but necessary additions and subtractions without ever having to re-issue or re-member!





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Bishop Séamus Freeman, SAC

Saint Mary’s Cathedral Restoration
Diocesan Draw

Prize fund is €60,000 and the subscription is €120 per annum or €10 per month.
Tickets are available locally at the Parish Office; the Sacristy; or from:  
Ann Brennan; Aine Butler; Jane Dineen; Marian Eardly; Fr Brian Griffin; Margaret Hanlon; John Lennon; Jody Murphy; Veronica McGuane;
Paul McKiernan; Linda Nolan; Fr Seán O’Connor; Irene Purcell; Brian Roche; Peggy Wall; Eddie Langton.




Your Reflection This Week


Staying with the important theme of prayer, this week’s extract from Luke brings the teaching on prayer that accompanied the giving of the Our Father. In Luke, Jesus teaches this prayer because the disciples have asked for his help. The form of the prayer is the short one, as opposed to the longer version in Matthew which was adopted by the church as the version for use in the liturgy. In its short form we see even more clearly how this simple prayer has all that we need. We praise God as Father, we acknowledge that we want what he wants and that we trust him to look after us.
We also recognise our need for forgiveness and our willingness to forgive.
Finally we ask that in the life of faith we will not have to endure anything that would cause us to lose that faith. In what follows, Jesus uses the images of the unwilling friend and the caring parent to make us think about the relationship with God that should lie behind our prayer.
God is the loving Father and in giving us the Holy Spirit he is holding back nothing.

Today’s gospel is about prayer and in it Jesus encourages his followers to persevere in prayer and not to lose heart.
The unanswered request and the door that remains shut are not unusual experiences for people who pray.
Indeed we can be left wondering why our prayers are not answered. Is it because we lack faith or worse still because of our sins? At such times we need to remember that Christian prayer is not about magic nor is it an elaborate heavenly lottery.
Being baptised means that we share in the dying and rising of Christ, not just once but many times on our way home to the Father.
Prayer teaches us about what is really important and, while it does not always take away our pain, through it we can come to understand a little better how and where God is at work in our lives.


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