Our Parish & Location

St John's Catholic Parish, Kilkenny,
is one of the forty two parishes of the Diocese of Ossory.

It consists of a city area and two rural areas, Dunmore and Johnswell, each with its own church.

The main church, St John’s, is situated opposite MacDonagh Shopping Centre and the Railway Station on the Dublin Road (N77).




Ossory Vocations
Promotion # 31

Following Jesus
demands carrying
the cross and
waking in his steps. 

Do you have the courage
to be a follower? 
Trust that Jesus will
give you what you need.
(Luke 9:18-24)

If you think God is calling you to priesthood, call Fr. Willie Purcell Ossory Vocations Director. 056 7770261 or email ossoryvocdir@gmail.com. 

At a recent conference of Vocations Directors in Dublin Bishop Denis Brennan said that fostering Vocations is the task of some and the responsibility of all.  The Vocation Crisis of those called is also a crisis, today, of those calling.  If no one calls, how can anyone respond?

Statement of the
Summer 2016

General Meeting of the
Irish Catholic Bishops’ Conference

Topics covered:

  • Supporting persecuted Christians, refugees and migrants
  • Vocations
  • Appointment of Secretary General to the World Meeting of Families in Ireland
  • Publication of Apostolic Exhortation Amoris Laetitia ‘The Joy of Love’
  • Bishops to undertake their ‘Ad Limina’ visit to Pope Francis in January 2017
  • World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland, in July
  • Centenary of Cumann na Sagart
  • Trócaire
  • Irish Church Music Association Summer School
  • Ukraine collection
  • Michael Keane RIP

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Annual Parish Outing

This year’s Parish Outing will take place next Wednesday, 29th June. 
There will be a visit to the Bishop’s Palace Museum in Waterford City followed by lunch and then on to Tramore. 
Bus leaving from O’Loughlin GAA grounds at 10.00am sharp and returning at 6.30pm approximately.
Cost per person €25.  Names to be given to Kay Gray 086 0762336 or Martin O Neill 086 3944224.

First Friday

Next Friday is the First Friday of July. Holy Communion at the normal times.

Cemetery Masses Next Weekend

The Annual Cemetery Masses in Dunmore and Johnswell cemeteries will be celebrated next Friday, July 1st at 7.30 p.m. A tidy up in preparation for Dunmore Cemetery mass from 7pm on Wednesday next around the church and hall grounds.  All welcome and any help is much appreciated.

Rathcoole Cemetery Mass

Rathcoole Cemetery Mass will take place on Friday 29th July at 7.30pm.  Rathcoole is situated on the Sandfordscourt Road, Johnswell.


Despite the very wet day last Friday, Friday, thanks to the constant monitoring of Met Éireann’s satellite service, we were able to proceed with the Mass in St Kieran’s Cemetery. All the organisers were very conscious of the thousands who normally attend, especially those from faraway places, even from England, who plan their visit to Kilkenny based around the Cemetery Mass where their loved ones are laid to rest.
Thanks from all the assembly at the mass to all who prepared the cemetery, prepared the altar, cooperated in various the elements of the Liturgy, the choir, those manned the collection points, the sound system and machinery, etc., etc.
It was a fitting and worthy event to pray for and honour the dead; and it was also a great and fitting reflection of the living.

The Priests

The Priests are in Concert at Holy Trinity Church, Rathdowney Co. Laois, on                            Friday 1st July 2016 at 8pm.  Tickets €20 are available from Rathdowney Parish Office 0862444594- 050546282- rathdowney@ossory.ie.

Marian Movement of Priests

A meeting of the Marian Movement of Priests will take place next Monday 27th June at 7.30pm in St Joseph’s Mill Hill on the Waterford Road.  Mass, Rosary and Holy Hour.  All are welcome.

Kilkenny Campus

If you are thinking about doing First Arts MH901 at Maynooth University’s Kilkenny Campus, or just exploring your options before the change of mind option closes, come along and meet us at our Drop in Day on Monday 27th June.  We are inviting applicants / potential applicants (and their families and even their friends!) to drop in and see our campus and have a chat. We are welcoming visitors between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., so do drop in for a visit!  Kilkenny Campus is located at St. Kieran’s College.  Contact us on 056 7775910 or visit our website at www.kilkennyfirstarts.com for further information.

Saint Mary’s Cathedral Restoration Draw

The 4th of the Diocesan Monthly Draws in aid of St. Mary's Cathedral Restoration Fund will take place on Wednesday, 29th June in the Chapter Room. Subscribers and Promoters very welcome. €10 per month.
Tickets are available locally at the Parish Office; the Sacristy; or from:  
Ann Brennan; Aine Butler; Jane Dineen; Marian Eardly; Fr Brian Griffin; Margaret Hanlon; John Lennon; Jody Murphy; Veronica McGuane;
Paul McKiernan; Linda Nolan; Fr Seán O’Connor; Irene Purcell; Brian Roche; Peggy Wall; Eddie Langton.

The Kilkenny Seniors' Forum

It has been brought to the attention of Kilkenny Seniors' Forum that the provider of the Kilkenny City bus transport system had intended to cease the operation in the near future. 
As a result, the executive has decided to initiate a petition seeking the fullest support possible from all age groups through the city and county, not just to retain but develop a structured integrated properly appointed transport facility for city and county.   
You will find copies of the petition to be signed at the church door.  We appreciate your support on this very important matter. Executive member John Coonan, contact no. 0868145020.
If you concur, please sign: “I SUPPORT THE ABOVE PETITION”.

Where Are Our Priorities Lie

In the gospel of Luke today we read of that important moment when Jesus decides to head for Jerusalem. This is presented as a very conscious decision on the part of Jesus who is fully aware that his preaching of the kingdom will bring rejection and death. While Jesus may well be aware of the meaning of the kingdom of God it is clear that his disciples do not grasp its essentials. They want to send down fire and brimstone on the Samaritans who would not receive them. Jesus, we are told rebuked them, and went on his way. There can be no violent coercion with the preaching of the gospel; rather what the gospel demands is whole hearted commitment from those who believe in it. The extent of that commitment is then presented through three different images of people whose hesitation and dithering elicit statements from Jesus about the demands of being a disciple. Clearly these images are not to be taken literally but they are deliberately hard in order to force us into thinking more about where our priorities lie.

Famous Funny Quotes

No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.
Laziness is nothing more than the habit of resting before you get tired.
Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.
A woman's mind is cleaner than a man's: She changes it more often.
Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.
I may be drunk, Miss, but in the morning I will be sober and you will still be ugly.
If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your troubles, you wouldn't sit for a month.



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St John's Presbytery
Dublin Road

Tel: 056 772 1072

Fr Frank Purcell: 086 601 0001

Fr Seán O'Connor: 086 389 5911

Fr Brian Griffin: 087 064 4158

E: stjohns@ossory.ie

W: stjohnskilkenny.com

Bishop Séamus Freeman, SAC

Saint Mary’s Cathedral Restoration
Diocesan Draw

Prize fund is €60,000 and the subscription is €120 per annum or €10 per month.
Tickets are available locally at the Parish Office; the Sacristy; or from:  
Ann Brennan; Aine Butler; Jane Dineen; Marian Eardly; Fr Brian Griffin; Margaret Hanlon; John Lennon; Jody Murphy; Veronica McGuane;
Paul McKiernan; Linda Nolan; Fr Seán O’Connor; Irene Purcell; Brian Roche; Peggy Wall; Eddie Langton.




Your Reflection This Week


Lord, we think today of those who have just learnt that they are suffering from an incurable disease.
Now they know that the time has drawn near when they are to be taken to heaven, may they resolutely take the road for Jerusalem.

“Make us know the shortness of our life, that we may gain wisdom of heart.” Psalm 90
Lord, we often find that when we have resolutely taken some road
- standing up against discrimination in our community,
- deciding to forgive a long-standing hurt,
- dedicating ourselves to the service of the poor,
we quickly become intolerant of those who disagree with us.
But if we keep in mind that the time is always drawing near
for us to be taken up to heaven, it makes us more compassionate,
so that when we send messengers ahead of us and people will not receive them because of where we are making for, we do not call down fire from heaven to burn them up, but merely go off to another village.

“In our inner journey there always remains something more to be given up, some new depth of God to be sounded, some deeper understanding of ourselves and the world."
Lord, how true it is that when we are searching for union with you,
we can never remain still,
foxes may have holes and birds of the air nests,
but there is no place where we can lay our heads.

“For Christians, every place is a homeland and every homeland is a foreign land.” 2nd Century writer.

Lord, never let us, as a Church, deceive our members that we can lead them somewhere where they can be permanently safe:
- a political or economic system that we won’t need to question;
- a philosophy which will answer all our questions;
- a way of understanding the message of Jesus which gives the whole truth of his message.
Teach us to say frankly, as Jesus did, that foxes have holes where they can lie down and rest,
birds of the air have their nests which they can call home,
but for us it is a constant search for where you want us to be.

“Once I committed myself to the Way, the word ‘courage’ lost its meaning, since nothing could be taken from me.” Dag Hammarskjold
Lord, how sweet and gentle is the moment of commitment.
No one has to tell us, we just know we are there.
Old fears have been laid to rest so completely that we don’t have to worry about burying them,
past attachments have faded away so that we don’t want to spend any time saying good-bye to them, our hands are laid on the plough and to look back would be false to ourselves.

Lord, our societies are still torn by ideological conflicts that are leading nowhere:
- capitalism or communism, aligned or non-aligned, first, second or third world.
Send us leaders who will be straightforward like Jesus,
showing our people that if we spend time laying these problems to rest,
we will be like dead people burying the dead,
whereas our duty is to go out and spread the news
that a new civilization is being born and we can be part of it.


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