Prayer for the Dead during November

God of infinite mercy,
we entrust to your immense goodness
all those who have left this world for eternity,
where you wait for all humanity,
redeemed by the precious blood of Christ your Son,
who died as a ransom for our sins.
Look not, O Lord,
on our poverty, our suffering, our human weakness,
when we appear before you to be judged for joy or for condemnation.
Look upon us with mercy,
born of the tenderness of your heart,
and help us to walk in the ways of complete purification.
Let none of your children be lost in the eternal fire,
where there can be no repentance.
We entrust to you, O Lord,
the souls of our beloved dead,
of those who have died without the comfort of the sacraments,
or who have not had an opportunity to repent,
even at the end of their lives.
May none of them be afraid to meet You,
after their earthly pilgrimage,
but may they always hope to be welcomed
in the embrace of your infinite mercy.
May our Sister,
corporal death find us always vigilant in prayer
and filled with the goodness done in the course of our short or long lives.
Lord, may no earthly thing ever separate us from You,
but may everyone and everything support us
with a burning desire to rest peacefully and eternally in You. Amen.

(Fr Antonio Rungi, Passionist, Prayer for the Dead)