Published on March 6, 2021

St Kieran’s Day, 2021.

Greetings from St Mary’s Cathedral.

In January, here in the Cathedral, we launched an initiative ‘FRIENDS OF ST MARY’S CATHEDRAL’ seeking 1000 Friends.  With the assistance of the Friends of St Mary’s it is hoped to develop the Cathedral and enhance the experience of parishioner, pilgrim and tourist who visit us.

I write to invite you to become a Friend of St Mary’s and to commit to a small monthly donation to St Mary’s.

Through the small contribution of many we plan to restore the Lady Chapel and the Chapel of St Joseph, repair the Cathedral Crib and develop the Chapter House and Corridor as a visitor centre. The contribution of a minimum of €5 per month from 1000 friends will enable this work to be done.

Conscious that many of you already contribute to the Cathedral through the Diocesan Draw I would ask you to help also with this work.  The contribution of €5 per month will enable us to begin this work and ready us for the return of visitors later this year.  We have a jewel here in the heart of the city and with the plans now in place we can maximise the generosity of visitors and locals alike as we face the future.

Contributions can be made monthly through Standing Order or through the DONATE facility on the Cathedral Website.

Thank you for your interest in St Mary’s Cathedral and I sincerely hope that you will help us as a FRIEND of St Mary’s to improve, maintain and preserve our Cathedral.

Annually a report will be given to the Friends and I hope also to give a report to the Conference of Priests.

With thanks.

Fr Richard Scriven