Dunmore & Johnswell Bicentenary Update

Published on September 3, 2018

As the Bicentenaries of Dunmore and Johnswell Churches draw near the works
of painting, decorating and maintenance have begun in earnest this last week.
The painting of Dunmore’s Church of The Most Holy Trinity is near complete.
The works of painting and the upgrading of the entrance steps at Johnswell’s
Church of St John The Baptist are due to begin during the coming week.
We thank the people from these two areas for their cooperation thus far.
Some have already made donations towards these renovations and the hospitality
on the day of the celebratory Masses.
Many more, we hope, will still ‘come on board’ and we encourage them to do
their best and use the envelope that was distributed some weeks ago. We are
always conscious of demands made of families, but the celebration of two hundred
years of prayer, worship and the practice of our faith in these sacred
spaces surely makes these celebrations very special indeed.
If you intend coming to the Mass and the meal please let us know by signing
the book at the back of each church. THIS IS ESSENTIAL so that the committees
can get an idea of the numbers for catering purposes
Dunmore Bicentenary Mass – Oct. 7th, 3.00 pm followed by Bicentenary meal.
Johnswell Bicentenary Mass – Oct. 21st, 3.00 pm followed by Bicentenary meal.